Call tracking has been considered a correct way to go for companies that depend on the phone to ring to be successful in business. So Call Tracking is needed to be able to view the entire marketing picture. In fact, Message Metric call tracking services have gone way beyond phone tracking through phone calls and help with techniques to monitor the entire marketing funnel from when the pone rings.

How it starts.

The foremost process is acquiring a new call tracking number or porting an existing number into a call tracking provider. Following the FCC guidelines, you can easily switch telephone carriers and swapping your existent number to a brand new carrier is easy so as to start your port request. This means that you can easily port a number that belongs to you but is outside the call tracking system.

Having configured your new number or porting number in Message Metric, you can easily use our features that are super easy to use.

How it helps.

It facilitates proper monitoring of business transactions.

Whether you are a novice business or an established business, you need to determine the best call campaigns that will suit you best. This will enable you to have a proper follow up on leads, quotes as well as sales that result from marketing. By use of a small loop of feedback, it is now possible to have your data analytics converted to source tracking. This leads to more sales.

Call tracking is a modern way of marketing and monitoring potential customers. This helps the business to have a proper follow up on what marketing the customers are responding to. With automated call reports, without even accessing the call tracking platform you can get the data you need without even thinking about it.

Why should you port your number into your service provider?

Record keeping.

Having linked your number to Message Metric, all the conversations that take place are configured via this dashboard. This enables Message Metric to have records of all your calls. These records include: caller ID details, length of call, time of call, call recording and Message Metric’s dashboard enables you to mark you calls based on which staff takes the call, and every piece of call data is available in your reports.

These reports save time that would have been spent by your team if done at all. Now they are simply handled by the system. Call tracking service providers will port your number for free. The entire process of having to port from a different service of call tracking is similar to that of porting your number from one local phone company to another.

Having all your tracking numbers with Message Metric, you will be able to configure your call routing by use of a simple call flow builder. This call flow makes it possible for you to have a wide variety of choice in custom routing that you can design to suit your business’s specifications. You can easily customize the greetings, voicemail, tagging capabilities as well as menus. A Call Flow Builder is super instrumental in enabling you to set your phone so as to ring just some given numbers at given time. By so doing, this ensures that the right calls are handled and routed to the right people at the right time.

What next after porting your numbers to a Message Metric?

Message Metric call tracking will assist you to identify the successful marketing channels so as to make your phone to ring more.

Message Metric call tracking will make it possible for you to to have a clear insight of where a call is leading to and where it is coming from. That way, you are in a better position to lay an ideal marketing strategy for your business. This will create a wider market for all your goods and ensure that you reach out to more people through calls.

Message Metric will enable your business to close the existing loop using marketing as a strategy to lead to phone calls.


Call tracking has gained huge traction over the past few years and is in over 50 countries now. It has played a significant role in creating more phone calls from the marketing campaigns.